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Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Plants?

Gardening is not a hobby, its our duty towards Planet earth and need of the hour!

New Arrivals
Black Soil
Manures & Fertilizers

Our carefully curated selection of organic and synthetic fertilizers, along with premium-quality manures, will empower you to cultivate healthy, vibrant plants.

Manures & Fertilizers

Succulent Dunia

"Welcome to our Succulents Online! Discover a world of vibrant, low-maintenance plants that will add beauty and charm to your space. Whether you're a seasoned succulent enthusiast or a beginner, we have a diverse selection of these unique plants to brighten up your home or office. Explore our collection and let nature's artistry thrive in your life."


Succulents & Cacti

Plant Soil
Soil & Substrates

A right soil mixture helps the plant sustain for a longer life period. Initial investments on right soil can reduce the overall maintenance cost of the garden. We at Biosephia provide you right soil for right variety of plants.

Soil & Substrates
Insect & Pest Control 

Need no explanation of why Insect & Pest Control is needed.

Brown Insect
Insect & Pest Repellents

From Seed to Sprout

Seeds of Biosephia Organics were sowed back in 2018 and it took almost 2 years to start harvesting the fruits. Primarily known for our unique Processed Organic Manure substitute for traditional vermicompost, we have .........


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